Name in Japanese 下村
Romaji Translation Shimomura
Nickname(s) Anderson-kun (アンダーソンくん, Andāson-kun?)
Voice Actor (Japanese) Itsuki Takizawa
Voice Actor (English) Todd Haberkorn
Personal Info
Gender Male
Classification A resident of the Underworld (Currently living on Earth)
Status Active
Media Appearances
Debut (Anime) Episode 01 (cameo)
Appears in Light Novel, Anime

Shimomura (下村?) is Ayumu's classmate and the school playboy, who in reality is a resident of the Underworld (possibly a high ranking one as well, since he addresses Eu without any honorific) studying abroad on Earth. He is said to be as powerful as a D-rank megalo.

He's a student in Tomonori's class, and is friends with Taeko, Tomonori, and Kanami. He's on the basketball team. He has the tendency to tease people. Often called Anderson-kun (アンダーソンくん, Andāson-kun?) by Ayumu.






  • Calculation of Times and Distances: He can calculate exact times and distances, though he says it's only useful for things like knowing how long to leave the lid on a cup of instant ramen.
  • Horned Owl: He has a horned owl that can understand human speech. It gets along well with Haruna despite being a megalo. It has the power to slow down the movement of objects within a certain range.