Koreha Zombie Desuka? Volume 17
Korezom Volume 17
Is This a Zombie?
Yes, I'm Not Gonna Die
Title in Japanese これはゾンビですか? はい、ボクは死にましぇん
Romaji Translation Kore wa Zonbi Desu ka? Hai, Boku wa Shinimashen
Japanese Translation Is This a Zombie? Yes, I'm Not Gonna Die
Date of Release November 20, 2014
ISBN Number ISBN 978-4-04-070273-5
Cover Character(s) Eucliwood Hellscythe
Previous Volume Volume 16
Next Volume Volume 18

"Yes, I'm Not Gonna Die" (はい、ボクは死にましぇん, Hai, Boku wa Shinimashen?) is the seventeenth volume of the Koreha Zombie Desuka? light novel series. It was published on November 20, 2014.

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