Koreha Zombie Desuka? of the Dead
Episode 04
Korezom otd ep4
Title in Japanese いや、帰れご主人様
Romaji Translation Iya, Kaere Goshujin-sama
Japanese Translation No, Get Lost, Good Sir
Season 2
Episode Number Episode 04
Release Date (Japanese) April 26, 2012
Opening ***Passionato
Ending I'm a Beginner at Love (T_T)
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"No, Get Lost, Good Sir" (いや、帰れご主人様, Iya, Kaere Goshujin-sama?) is the fourth episode of the Koreha Zombie Desuka? of the Dead anime. It was aired on April 26, 2012.


Wanting him to get out of his cross dressing phase, Orito takes Ayumu to a 'tsundere' cosplay café owned by Sarasvati's clan, where Sera, Yuki and Haruna are also working. There, Ayumu is thrown into a challenge in which he must try to bring out the 'dere' side of five waitresses for a free dessert, with a large price to pay should he fail. Sarasvati's first champion is revealed to be Yuki. After Ayumu gave her some advice, Yuki went 'gaga', giving Ayumu the win. The next champion was revealed to be Haruna, which seemed difficult, until Ayumu brought out her gaga by making her jealous. Seraphim was uncloaked as the third champion, and immediately punched Orito through the ceiling. After Ayumu outsmarts her by asking her for food-as her food is horrible-and eating it, he had caused her to blush and win. Then, the fourth champion was revealed to be Eucliwood, much to his chagrin. After staring awkwardly at each other, Eu wrote on the note asking him why he was being so mushy, causing Ayumu to win. Ayumu then taunted Sarasvati, telling her to throw whatever she can at him...but was surprised to learn that she was not the final champion, and Kanami was. Having no chance to win, Ayumu nervously banters with her until-just when all hope seemed lost-Orito awoke, and told Ayumu to let him handle the last one. After walking confidently up to her, Orito then shouted to her, claiming that he loves her. While Ayumu is lecturing Orito about going all out without a backup plan, Kanami then tells Ayumu to cut Orito some slack, causing her to lose the match-due to showing her 'dere' side. Afterwards, Ayumu discovers that his classmate, Anderson, is from the underworld.


Yuki's 'dere'
Haruna's 'dere'