Koreha Zombie Desuka? of the Dead
Episode 01
Korezom otd ep01
Title in Japanese はい、今再びの魔装変身!
Romaji Translation Hai, Ima Futatabi no Masō Henshin!
Japanese Translation Yes, I'm Now Making a Magical Transformation Again!
Season 2
Episode Number Episode 01
Release Date (Japanese) April 5, 2012
Opening ***Passionato
Ending I'm a Beginner at Love (T_T)
Episode Navigation
Previous Episode 00 (Season 2) (OVA)
Next Episode 02 (Season 2)

"Yes, I'm Now Making a Magical Transformation Again!" (はい、今再びの魔装変身!, Hai, Ima Futatabi no Masō Henshin!?) is the first episode of the Koreha Zombie Desuka? of the Dead anime. It was aired on April 5, 2012.


Whilst resting in the nurse's office, Ayumu spots a strangely dressed girl snooping through the medicine cabinets. He spots the same girl the next day and has a pleasant conversation with her. The day afterwards, as word gets to class about a chainsaw wielding crossdresser roaming around the graveyard, Ayumu encounters a Squid Megalo. As Haruna's magic is yet to fully return and the Megalo captures Taeko, Ayumu is forced to become a Masou-Shoujo in front of everyone to defeat the Megalo. However, following the fight, Mystletainn becomes too damaged for Ayumu to erase everyone's memories, leaving him at the mercy of a discriminative crowd.


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